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Welcome to Sam Muslin Cosmetic Dentistry. Teeth; they can make you look amazing, or they can cause your entire appearance to go down a notch or two as a person’s smile is the first thing that is seen upon an initial meeting. So how can you fix core issues such as over and under bites, gaps and spaces, and just general misalignment? Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of perfecting a smile based on a patients unique situation. In some cases, tooth extraction and complete restoration is necessary. In minor cases, the patient may only require teeth whitening. That’s where a frank discussion between one of our cosmetic dentists and the patient is so important.

Orthodontics vs. Cosmetic Dentistry

While there is some overlap, orthodontics is defined as, ‘The treatment of irregularity in the teeth (especially of alignment and occlusion) and jaws, including the use of braces. With Comprehensive treatment, metal wires are inserted into the orthodontic brackets where they will interact, one complimenting the use of the other, until they have successfully moved the positioning and alignment of your teeth. By utilizing the services that these set of medical professionals provide, you are able to not only improve your smile, but also the entire state of health that your mouth is in; providing you with a better bite and alignment in order to avoid further issues down the line. Cosmetic dentistry, as defined by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists as esthetic clinical treatments designed to enhance the appearance of a patients smile.

Tooth Extraction

Extracting damaged teeth is often the first step in restoring the appearance of teeth. Extraction is a surgical procedure done under anesthesia whereby teeth are removed and then replaced with implants or another prosthetic. Dentists in Salem, Oregon whom study our procedures act as an extension of our practice in the Northwestern United States. Our practice is recognized as the leaders in the cosmetic dentistry field and we consult other oral surgeons on the latest dental technology and laboratory technician techniques.

Removable Appliances

This method is typically used in patients ranging in age from 5 to 14 and is focused on positive modification of the jaw dimensions. Once this procedure is complete, you will be able to have these individuals assessed for full braces in order to further fix the alignment of the teeth.

Although the practice of obtaining braces or other orthodontic appliances may lead you to believe that you have gotten a quick fix; that is a large misconception. The care and upkeep of your teeth falls directly on you and is actually harder to accomplish than if you refrained from getting the braces. The tradeoffs are however, unmatchable.

Upkeep after Procedure

The length of time that you will be wearing this hardware can vary from individual to individual. It is important that you, or your parents fully discuss this concern with your Orthodontic Specialist. They will be able to give you milestone dates and a projection on how long the entire process will take. You will also want to go over in depth, what the proper way to care for your teeth and new hardware will be. This usually includes a lot of rinses, maybe a water pick, and most definitely being conscious of what you are eating. It’s never too late to get informed; never too late to have a better smile!